Jody-Ann JB McFarlane


Born and raised in St. Ann Jamaica, Jody-Ann began ministry at fifteen years old, singing in the choir and, praise and worship at the United Lifeline Deliverance Church of God. She is a past student at the Brown’s Town High School and Bethel Bible College where she attained a certificate in Christian Ministry. In 2008 her singing ministry took off as she became a member of the Ecclesia singing group and in 2012 a member of the Unity Singers Gospel Group. Jody-Ann joined the All Nation Worship Assembly New York family in 2019, under Apostle Dr Matthew L. Stephenson’s III leadership, the lead pastor of All Nation Chicago and New York. She always had a love for singing and is influenced by artiste such as Benita Jones, and Tasha Cobbs- Leonard. She predominantly sings soprano; however, she can sing alternate vocal ranges. Jody-Ann has shared stages with renown Gospel Artiste such as Kevin Downswell, Jermaine Edwards, Rendell Positive, Kimola Brown Lowe, Rhoda Isabella among others. She has done supporting vocals for Larry Kingdom, Marsha J, Goddesta, Endurance, Dj Faith among others. As with many of us she was not always obedient and at times would shy away from the Lord’s directives. During the 2020 lockdown, she experienced a bout of loneliness and depression; thus, she decided to submerge herself in a 30-day sabbatical and praise seeking the Lord.

This sabbatical time would have her emerge with a new identity revealed and her new single, thus birthed the social media program “How did I Discover my Identity in Christ” aired on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, Saturdays at 1 pm. December 2020 the first program was aired, where she announced that her stage name has changed from Jody Bless to Jody-Ann JB Mcfarlane, and as of January 2021 she began inviting guest-speakers to share how they discover their identity.

The Song

"My Soul Says Yes".

The song she emerged with is titled "My Soul Says Yes". The theme scripture Mark 14:36, exemplifies what it means, that when your soul says yes to the Lord, it is wholly sold (souled) out and you now turn everything to Him, it does not matter what is going on, in and around you, your complete trust is in the Lord. This is the aim of the song, that her audience also will come to that place of saying yes Lord I totally surrender to your will.

Collaborate With

Jody-Ann would be honored to collaborate with artiste such as Benita Jones, Tasha Cobbs-Leonard, Kevin Downswell, David Wilford, Maranda Curtis, Todd Dulaney and Jessica Reedy.